Car Window Tinting Laws – Exemptions And Waivers

car window tinting purgaMany states and territories in Australia follow certain laws regarding car window tinting. However, there are certain exemptions for certain citizens with medical conditions where they can use even darker tints with their vehicles.

Here is some helpful information if you and your vehicle are exempted from it:

If you have a medical condition that requires you to have a darker tint as you need extra protection from sunlight or bright artificial light, then you are exempted from the law. However, you will need proof or a prescription from your doctor regarding your medical needs.

The proper document should also be in your vehicle at all times so ever you are stopped by a law enforcer, you will be able to show it upon their request. The document should also specify the medical needs of the patient and the prescription of the minimum percentage that light transmittance that is allowed for the patient, and the expiration date of the document which could be used to no more than two years.

If you have a medical condition and requires special tinting, better consult your physician or optometrist and get the affidavit signed. Once the proper documentation is made, you can get your car window tinted to a light transmittance of 50 percent, but not less.

Other vehicles that are exempted from getting darker tints are limousines, hearses, ambulances, buses, and church-owned vehicles. If you and your vehicle are not exempted or not in possession of a waiver, better follow the laws regarding car window tinting.

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